Here’s what people say about Foreclose Your Own Florida Real Estate Loans

“I have taken mortgages as part of my financial investment portfolio for about 25 years. Until about two years ago, they were always mortgages on bare (undeveloped) acreage. With an uncertain stock market developing after the 2008 real estate bust, I decided to switch part of my securities into occupied real estate. I found out the hard way that something that looks profitable and shiny sometimes disappoints and turns into a can of worms! On some of my newly acquired mortgages, a constant litany of late payments, letters and unkept promises made me wish that I had left my cash in the securities market.

“Good people with honorable intentions started to default, and I looked for a person with expertise in the real estate foreclosure field to steer me in this uncharted (at least for me) field. A very good friend recommended Mr. Bass to me for effective help with mortgage difficulties. I contacted Mr. Bass and I learned that he was not only an expert in the field, but that he had published a textbook on the subject of mortgage foreclosure procedures. He is not an attorney and he explained to me that the foreclosure process doesn’t require a law degree.

“I discovered that Dave Bass has a wide range of experience on the subject of foreclosure coupled with an abundant range of excellent alternatives and a fierce drive for solutions that have proven very useful for me. As a consequence of his positive attitude and extensive knowledge of the field, my very bleak mortgage holding outlook has transformed into a much more positive scenario. It is therefore my great pleasure to recommend the services of David Bass to anyone with mortgage problems similar to the ones I have experienced.”

With genuine enthusiasm for Dave’s services – I am,

Hugh P. Papworth


“This informative tutorial, Foreclose Your Own Florida Real Estate Loans, is invaluable to the individual who has sold property on contract and is not being paid.  The sound advice of David M. Bass, who has personally gone through this process, is a GPS of the system.  The contacts, legal forms and proper order of filing are golden. Along with his invitation of personal advice at any time, this purchase is a must for anyone in this situation.”


George Rydberg

Small Business Owner


“David Bass has made a great publication for those people who need to foreclose on the property that should rightfully be returned to them because of non-payment.  You do not have to wander into the wilderness of the unknown or pay excessive fees because he has already done that for you.  His procedure has been court approved and affords you the opportunity to regain your property. David leaves no stone unturned. Just follow his step by step procedure and reap the benefits. I found this publication to be long overdue and extremely effective.”

David Bailey

Business and Property Owner


“As a mortgagee you sold and financed your property and now you are in the position of having to foreclose. In other words now you are going to spend your hard-earned money in order to reclaim what is rightfully yours, with little chance of recouping your loss or the associated cost and attorney fees. But, alas, David Bass to the rescue. With David’s easy to follow step-by-step guide, you can accomplish reclaiming your property in a smooth, orderly process that is written for the layperson to understand. The system has been used and proven time and time again and is court-approved. Finally, someone is on our side. I highly recommend this invaluable tool to all investors. Even though I have fortunately not had to use it as yet, I already have a copy in my office, ready to go.”

Wm. F. Alexander IV

Mr. Alexander has worked for over 30 years as a Real Estate Broker. He has been an investor/owner in millions of dollars of Residential and Commercial properties and is the owner of two real estate firms, a property management company and a vacation rental business.


“My name is Ann Richardson. I’m an executive secretary for a company that deals with real estate property. In the past we have had to hire attorneys to handle our non-contested foreclosures and it was very expensive and time consuming. Since using David Bass’ new program, we have not only saved a lot of money, but we could not believe how easy it was to do on our own. We had seven non-contested lots that we had back in our hands in less than eight months.  This program truly works.”


Ann Richardson

Executive Secretary


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