Investors: Are You Losing Money on Non-Performing Loans? Why Not Foreclose Them Yourself?

During the wildly ballooning real estate prices leading up to the current foreclosure crisis, a lot of private investors sank an enormous portion of their private wealth into real estate investment and/or privately financed Mortgages and/or Agreements for Deed. Today, thousands of privately financed loans are slipping into non-payment, leaving many investors high and dry. If your nest egg is tied up in bad loans, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Their is no need to put off foreclosing on a non-performing mortgage and/or Agreement for Deed you own because of the high cost of hiring an attorney. It’s true; law firms may charge as much as $5,000 or more for each foreclosure proceeding. If your income has already been strangled by one or more buyers/mortgagors, who have stopped making payments, hiring an attorney can feel like throwing good money after bad.  THE GOOD NEWS: you don’t need an attorney in Florida to facilitate foreclosures.  Save a lot of money representing yourself (D.I.Y.).  Don’t know how to represent yourself; David M. Bass’s court approved system;  “Foreclose Your Own Florida Real Estate Loans” makes it easy and will give you all the tools you need to save thousands in attorney fees.   This system is the only one of its kind  and is so complete it even includes all the forms you’ll need for uncontested foreclosures on your owner financed/investment financed Mortgages and/or Agreements for Deed.

About Self-Representation

The legal term for self-representation is pro se representation, and like in all legal proceedings in Florida, the court system allows you to represent yourself whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant.  As long as you present all of the proper documentation in a timely manner, it won’t matter that you aren’t an attorney in the state of Florida. It won’t even matter if you’ve never been in a Florida courthouse before.

If you’re like most people, representing yourself as plaintiff in a foreclosure proceeding may seem daunting or downright impossible. Without a road map of the court system, simply being allowed to be a pro se litigant and represent yourself as the plaintiff in a foreclosure proceeding won’t do you much good. Now there is a guide to navigate the steps of the Foreclosure Process.  Follow in the footsteps of someone who has been through the process successfully.  “Foreclose Your Own Florida Real Estate Loans” will give you what you need to get the job done.  Take action now and save tons of money.

David M. Bass  has been a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Private Lender and Developer in Florida for over twenty years.  He has owner financed more than 300 properties and has developed an easy to follow step-by-step foreclosure system for the plaintiffs while foreclosing his own delinquent loans.  He has used this system to foreclose on numerous loans and all assigned circuit court judges have signed the final judgments without a single question.

Now you can benefit from David’s experience by using his system – which is so comprehensive it even includes all of the forms you’ll need throughout the proceedings. For more information about the system and how to obtain it, visit the Products and Services page.


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